You're a go-getter!

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Wow sis!

Please forgive me for underestimating you!

It’s not by chance you’re reading this.


You’re really serious about getting a leg up on yourself and moving from “good” to “great!”


Some of the most high achievers attribute their success to being able to see the end in mind.”


not necessarily being the best, or even working the hardest


Your change begins to happen when you can become “ahead of time, who you picture yourself to be.

That’s why I’ve included for you access to my unique Visualization Workshop I’ve reserved for my most serious and dedicated students!

Imagine what you’re going to experience during those 21 focused days and what your personal end result will be when you couple it with the visualization tools I share in this powerful 30 minute video workshop!


Can you see yourself as the accomplished mom who has successfully converted her entire family to eating vegan?


Can you visualize being the dopest “momager” with laminated checklists, color-coded bins for the kids to get themselves ready in the mornings and at least a month’s worth of pre-made crock pot meals in the freezer?


Picture what your wardrobe will feel like when you drop that last 15 lbs of baby weight you’ve been hanging onto for the last year...

Learn the strategies high performance athletes, renowned scholars, spiritual teachers and Fortune 500 CEO’s use to paint their ideal life.

Designed with your busy schedule and the power of feminine fluidity in mind, practice and implement these steps with ease and grace to accelerate your results!

When you upgrade, here's what you'll get:

  • 21 Day Habit Breakthrough Challenge for FREE
  • In addition to all 21 Days, worksheets and audios, you’ll get lifetime access to the game-changing visualization workshop
  • customizable accompanying worksheets, which you can tailor to your personal needs!

Before Megan’s course, I struggled with distractions, confidence in my abilities and not embracing habits or routine to get things done. I’m now embracing the art of just writing. This has allowed for the right ideas and words that matter for my book projects to come to the forefront.

Working with Megan was a breath of fresh air! Her presence brings peace and makes you want to do better. She walks with a teachable aura, and I would definitely recommend her programs to others!

Latrice Fowler
Latrice Fowler Entrepreneur & Writer of "The Wifey Files"

I was struggling with going to bed before midnight. Working through Megan's program, I've been improving and more aware of the time when I shut down for the night. As Megan points out, the first step in changing a habit is to recognize it. By doing so I've been taking incremental steps by having a goal time, decided what I need to do to make this happen and have started going to bed 15 minutes earlier to start. After three nights in a row where I went to bed by my goal time, I feel confident in the steps I'm taking to change my late night habits. This is huge for me! Haven't done that in years!

It's wonderful working with Megan! She makes me feel valued and cared for! She respects your time and is so fun to work with! I definitely recommend this program!

Jamie Kasarda
Jamie Kasarda Holistic Pet Care consultant and Wellness Advocate

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