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  • Lifetime access to the Members area for the signature program AND the 21 Day Habit Breakthrough Challenge.
  • Access to both private FB groups. In one, you can set up and run your own 21 day challenges. In the other, you’ll get personal access to me and monthly FB live streams to keep you focused and to personally answer any questions.

Megan is very patient, understanding, and empathetic with the feelings, thoughts, and frustrations that come with habit change. She has a wealth of info and I knew her steps would help because I've witnessed habit change in her life.

When I began this program, I was struggling with communication in my personal relationships. I didn't have much success at first because I admit, I wasn't really trying. It's so much easier to snap and have a quick attitude... what I was used to. It wasn't until the fourth or fifth week or so where I REALLY started to see change. I was able to have important discussions with the people that mattered without defaulting into my old ways!

I definitely recommend Megan's program. I am a huge proponent for habit change for a happier life; however, I understand habit change starts with the person WANTING to change a habit. Not talking about the change, but is truly fed up with whatever behavior they want to change. Megan's steps helped the WANT TO come to the surface 100%!!

Sara B.
Sara B. Athletic Educator, Wife and Mom of One

Before working with Megan, I was struggling with staying consistent with healthy habits. I needed accountability to ensure I would remain consistent so I could lose excess body weight.

With her guidance, I was able to lose roughly 20 pounds over 12 weeks! She gave me everything I needed to be successful, especially daily accountability, which was very integral to my success.

Megan helped me visualize the big picture of where I wanted to be in my journey. Because she was accessible and encouraging, it was very easy to work with her.

I would recommend Megan to others without reservation. Her work ethic allows others to be successful.

Angela Jenifer
Angela Jenifer Elementary School Administrator, Wife and Mom of One

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